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On The Way Out?

Climate Change Study Says 82% Of State’s Native Fish Species Could Face Extinction Another climate change horror story has emerged from a University of California, Davis study. Extinction of 82% of California’s native fish species is possible over the coming century…

Delta Fish Counts Are Discouraging

Delta Fish Counts Are Discouraging Reductions Don’t Consider Estuary’s Many Other Habitat, Water Quality Stressors New counts of six Delta fish species showed discouraging reductions in numbers during 2012. A trawl-net survey within the estuary conducted last fall after a…

Honors For Retiring Board Member

Honors For Retiring Board Member Friant Water Authority General Manager Ronald D. Jacobsma introduces now-retired Pixley Irrigation District and FWA Director Thewis Atsma (center) before FWA Chairman Harvey Bailey presented a resolution honoring Atsma for his long service.