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Frosting On A Tough Year

Orange Cove Irrigation District / John Sanders
Friant water turns to ice in an Orange Cove Irrigation District orange grove as a result of frost protection irrigation activities during the valley’s mid-December freezing weather.

Frosting On A Tough Year California’s Chillingly Dry Water Outlook Is Worsening It’s bad enough that Friant Division citrus growers had to run water to battle an extended hard and damaging pre-Christmas freeze but 2013 concluded with calendar year records…

Pint-Sized Tunnel Plan

Pint-Sized Tunnel Plan Environmental Suggestion To Drastically Shrink Delta Conveyance Facility Size Sparks Retorts When the newest concept for tunneling to convey water under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was being hatched, the project’s scope and capacity were enormous – capable…